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Monguse and Geauga 

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So I've been mowing it over in my head a while and I've been thinking of doing an original story that will never be published or seen anywhere but here. It takes many aspects of things I've written before and sort of takes them in a new direction. This would take place after G-Sides.. no worries there won't be any spoilers.. well not ones you will see outright.  This story will bring together every speedster I've made..( except any from the Skeleton Krew ) and will feature a character I created almost a decade ago. Sadly I could never really fit them in anything. Basically, this character was created for a self contained story I would have made like a movie or one of those anime OVA things. This character would be by far the most powerful character in my universe and could only be used if something "end of it all" type scenario would ever arise. Thought about bring it out sometime back but the popularity of a show would have made it seem I had " jumped on a bandwagon" and well okay so this character WAS that.. but for another show way back when. But I think it stands on it's own as it has a purpose.

So... this story will start off with Espada, who's been separated from from my main story for a while now. He's in a dark place when this starts. He's coming into his own and is starting to feel he can't live up to the hype he built for himself. Then he encounters a villain that bats him around like nothing and he barely gets out alive. As a wise man once said, "In times like this I find children need guidance, not rules". Enter Monguse, who at one time was his mentor in the other series. He's there because he knows the villain, heck he's been tracking him for a long time. He's trying to bring out the best in this kid who reminds him so much of how he used to be back when.

Geauga appears and is rather ticked off at Monguse for leaving and not telling her he was going after this threat. The threat that was responsible for death of her people, and just about everything bad that's happened to the Core Four. ( Monguse, Pretz, Bam, and Geauga ) It gets to the point to where for the first time, Geauga doesn't trust Monguse. It becomes a huge problem later.. sorta snowballs really.

Then things go crazy. This threat is wrecking Time and Space and doing so allows it to bring into this world people from the past and the future. People meant to mess with Monguse and Geauga. Why? Later kids..later.

So now we have Hemi Mongoose, a brilliant mind with great power who's faced with the idea that all his theories are quite real and he sees his son all grown up. Monguse avoid contact with him every chance he gets.something that starts to get to him after a while.

Catabwa Mongoose is a little tyke with power to burn. A little surprised to see her daddy and mommy fighting, but also shocked to see her grandpa too. ( he's besides himself as well ) She acts as goodwill ambassador and tends to try to patch things up between Geauga and Monguse. Always looking on the bright side, she also cheers Espada on, even taking time to teach him a few things. ( much to Espada's chagrin )

Diesel Mongoose shows up but no one really knows who he is as he's much older and wears armor and a helmet to hide is identity. In reality the armor allows him to mimic his sister and father's speed. He's the tech head of the group and brilliant when it comes to Quantum Theory. ( rivaled only my his sister and father ) Hemi takes to him very well and the two hit it off. Espada also learns to lean on him from time to time. He also keeps Catabwa under control and tells her to stop meddling in their parents affairs.

Veneno is the odd person out as she's not there for any good reasons at all. She's a speedster for sure but also hates the current threat for wiping out her people as well. ( Chrono-Angels and Chrono-Devils and symbiotically connected. If one dies, another on the other side dies simultaneously. She's alive because Geauga is, things are thrown out of whack so because 2 Chrono-Angels live, Veneno is twice as powerful. No one but Catabwa trusts her, and oddly enough Veneno protects her. ( Catabwa tells her about her little sister Juju who was born a Chrono-Angel, this gives Veneno hope that one day she'll have a child and no longer be the last )

All this comes together into a huge battle with a being more powerful than any of them who only wants everything to end. At the end the birth of a new hero unlike any the universe has ever seen. However a lot has to happen before they get there.

I always felt Espada lost something being separated from Monguse because he had no one to guild him and steer him in the right direction. I mean he hopes to one day become a great man that Cindy would someday WANT around and I feel he really can't do it alone. And even if he could, he'd be like 52 by the time he got there on his own LOL

Anyway more to come later kiddies.


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I'm beat. <lays on thr ground and dies>
Mon Aug 10, 2015, 8:29 PM
Can cats have their own accounts here?
Mon May 18, 2015, 6:54 PM
Chip wants his own account on DA
Mon May 18, 2015, 6:54 PM
ugh, the day I get bunched in with sick pervs like that I'll quit drawing forever I swear.
Wed Mar 4, 2015, 7:57 PM
Too many damn good Decepticons in the Combiner Wars series.
Fri Feb 27, 2015, 1:50 PM


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