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Title for the "lighter" Pretz and Geauga series? 

2 deviants said G-Sides
1 deviant said I don't really have any other ideas
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Okay so here's the crazy things or rather one united thing I came up with while I was bored.. which is often:

Okay so here's an idea fit to be air on CN but not Nick.. because well.. we're not on talking terms anymore.

It be a Temporal Police series NOT set in the same universe as the one you know. It would involve Pretz and Geauga as a team of cops saving a city from problems and villains. ( occasionally they'd get missions from Monguse or Bam )

Major changes:

Pretz and Geauga live together in a small castle that seems to be floating in a nexus. It's between worlds so they can stay off the grid. However the frequent a world for fun, food, and friends. They find themselves protecting this place from all kinda of problems.

Geauga would switch between Gea and herself, where as Pretz would appear in more casual clothes. Geauga would change either by exploding phone booth, super spin, or just popping off screen or out of site and come back as Geauga. Pretz would change from her clothes to her uniform using her ice powers.

Gea looks unchanged except she has Chu with her instead of Tiburon. Tiburon still appears but mostly as a go to between Temproal Police and the girls. Pretz would look more subdued, wearing her glasses and her hair tied back. She also plays up her "southern belle" accent a bit more. She still has Menchii with her. <Chu will not be appearing, I doubt she'd ever leave Bam especially in his time of need. Instead Tiburon WILL be coming out and be Geauga's companion. Besides to make a series work you need cute little comic relief. >

They have a VW Beetle that can drive on land, air , and water. It's pretty much Feline Groovy's car "Catchy". It's their main mode of transportation.

They work at a Tea Room which is actually a front for them. The backroom has a door that leads to their place in between worlds. < The Tea Room they work at is called "The Swizzle Stick", they serve bubble tea, normal tea, cakes and pasteries, and a few frozen treats. The place is tricked out so they can slip in and out unnoticed >

Bam and Monguse appear but not for very long, though the reason isn't given at first.

They are all in hiding because Temporal Police is no more, something happened and they're split up to avoid being seen. ( however Geauga and Pretz activities always seem to go unrecorded. ( any video or pictures either go missing or record nothing )

Pretz is a little big more affectionate and aggressive ( no not like that ) with Bam, Bam is usually shy and a bit withdrawn from her. Monguse is always hiding something.

Geauga's villains seem to be in this new world too. They fight Disco Queen, Veneno, Flora Fauna, Shadowboxer... Bam villains like Lesnar, Zombees and also Temporal Police villains like Mass Media, and Malice.

Tres shows up from time to time but it is revealed she is Bam's daughter, but Pretz has no idea she's her mother.

The reasons why they are in hiding would be revealed slowly of the coarse of time. But Monguse knows more about what's going on.


Geauga's powers are nerfed, which is hard because Veneno is still pretty tough even at full power. Geauga WILL be able to transform into her "hybrid" form in needed but it till have a time limit and rarely be used.

There's a phone booth on one side of the outer building. Gea uses to change but usually blows it to bits. Pretz uses it from time to time. She uses her power to frost up the glass so no one can peer in. One she leaves it usually shatters from the sub zero temps she puts out. A huge part of their budget is used to replace it every day.

Said phone booth always has a "out of order" sign on it, but then again who uses one these days.

Santa and Krampus appear just like in Temporal Police, however it's rare. Santa keeps the girls out of trouble. He has a POWERFUL team of lawyers and when they fail he uses magic. Krampus appears as a villain mostly.

Geoffrey pops up from time to time and mentions Pretz has a "male" counterpart in Darkly World.. but he's never seen.

Pretz goes by the civilian identity of Pretzel Ann, yet no one puts it together that she's also Pretz.

The Swizzle Stick was once a speak easy, which is why it has secret passages and such.

Pretz has more control of her ice powers, people can actually touch her and her touch people with them feeling cold or freezing. However it becomes more difficult as time goes by. At the end of the day she has to release her powers or they start acting on their own.

Geauga has an obsession with Bollywood movies, something she's dragged Pretz in with kicking and screaming.

Thomas is a kid who frequents the Sizzle Stick. He knows about Pretz and Geauga  and keeps their secret. His mom works 60 hours a week and rarely has time for him. The girls have taken a liking to him and allow him to hang around the place. He usually gets caught, in trouble, or in way over his head and the girls have to save him.

Thomas is a Galah, a pink and grey Cockatoo. He's 6 years old and usually pops by after school. He likes it when trouble erupts because school is called off and he can leave and watch the girls in action.

Thomas mother is usually oblivious to the fact that her son is lonely. She usually tends to buy him anything he wants as a way to make sure he's happy, when all he'd like is some time with his mother.

Thomas mother works as the editor and chief of the city paper. Her husband was killed 5 years ago during "the time of the tribute".

"The Time of the Tribute" is when the gods descend upon the city and demand tribute. One year they devastated the city when the people denied them tribute.

The Gods are beings of great power that each represent one of the Chinese Zodiac.

Shen, one of the main generals of the Gods is the who appears most. He's made to look like the Monkey King. He usually watches the girls as they protect the people from calamities and disasters. He's also confronted them saying "Gods are the only one who should meddle in the affairs of man."

The Gods are the main antagonists for a greater part of the story.

Also update sketches will be at my sketch account here :icona-sketchy-affair:

I'm debating if THIS should be the stories I post here. it be so much easier to crank out a simplified version like this than one I've been doing now. Not saying the other would not be done but this would be like a more common one. < I will be doing this, but I need a title and the knowledge you guys would like it if I did>

I dunno.. just bored I guess. Anyway, have a good one.



ugh, the day I get bunched in with sick pervs like that I'll quit drawing forever I swear.
Wed Mar 4, 2015, 7:57 PM
Too many damn good Decepticons in the Combiner Wars series.
Fri Feb 27, 2015, 1:50 PM
Boozle Bath Trilogy!!
Sun Feb 15, 2015, 9:22 AM
Thought I was stronger than the flu, I WAS WRONG
Fri Jan 9, 2015, 8:48 PM
Sun Dec 7, 2014, 8:14 PM


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