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Working on characters from the Darkly world. So you'll see.. 

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Hero Header by MadMontyZuma

Our story opens in The City at the Edge of Time: a place where technology had reached such a frightening level that to keep it from reaching unscrupulous hands they were set adrift in time and space.  Here we find our two heroines enjoying the day in one of the cities great food courts.

Pretz: So… then… <looks at a plate of food in front of her >

Gea: <eating hers, then looks at Pretz and stops > It’s a deep dish pizza.

Pretz: I see that. <pokes it with a fork> But this is all for me? It looks like a feast for a group of people.

Gea: Well yeah, but I’m eating one by my ownsome. < giggles and snorts> So I figured you should get one too.

Pretz: <pulls a slice out and her mouth opens as she sees all the layers on it > Gea! One slice is like an entire normal pizza folded in on itself many times. And you plan to eat this by your… <sees Gea nearly half done with her pizza > I guess that answers my question.

Pretz cuts a piece of the deep dish pizza with a knife, then pokes it with a fork and eats it. She chews it slowly for a bit, then swallows.

Pretz: < Smiling> Mmmmmm! This is very good. <starts cutting another piece>

Gea: <watching her use a knife and fork> You know chop sticks would make it easier.

Pretz: I can’t use those to save my life. <puts another fork full in her mouth and chews >

Gea: That was sarcasm. <shakes her head > No one uses utensils to eat pizza. It’s like using them to eat buffalo wings.

Pretz: <swallows the wipes her mouth with a napkin> You eat those too? < thinks for a bit > My word, they must be huge portions.

Gea: Yeah I used to think that, then I found out they were just chicken wings.

Pretz: < appalled > Oh why would you do that?! Those poor things are flightless as it is. Trust me I know a thing or two about that.  < eats a bit more > I stll find it hard to believe you eat others in this world.

Gea: We don’t. I know the idea of where meat I ate came from made me so sad. But this meat doesn’t come from anything cute and cuddly. It’s cloned meat. <takes a huge bite out of her pizza >

Pretz: < pushes her plate away > Where I’m from, such things are a taboo. Besides… <takes a small drink from her beverage > Wouldn’t cloning involve a living thing?

Gea: No. I thought so too. But in reality animal cells are cloned, to where meat is produced and not enough to make a full living being.

Pretz: < a little disturbed > Still, they ARE living cells.

Gea: Yes, but so it that broccoli you just took a bite out of. < Pretz looks at her deep dish veggie pizza then shakes her head > Just because it isn’t cute and can’t be taught to do tricks doesn’t mean it’s not alive. Besides I…. < looks around then moves in close and whispers > I mean “you know who”, used to live off of Chrono-fish. It’s all there was to eat where I lived. Besides don’t you have meat in Sector XII?

Pretz: If you refer to the meat we consume….. it’s actually a fugus. Much like the mushrooms you have here. It’s prepared and seasoned so it looks like meat. Either way.. I’m suddenly not hungry anymore. Not that I want to pooh-pooh your food.

Gea: Nah, <leans back in her chair and pats her tummy > I’ll be doing that about an hour from now.

Pretz: < lowers her head and groans> NOT……. what I meant Gea.  (sigh) Not at all.

Suddenly there’s a huge explosion that rocks the very area there are in. Pretz quickly opens her parasol as debris rain down on her. A huge cinder block flies and nails Gea on the head. She falls under the table as Pretz stands up and spins on her toes to look in the direction of the blast.

Pretz: < shaking the dust off her parasol > That was NOT a common thing in your land I take it.

Gea: <pulls herself up from under the table with a huge lump on her head > No, but it does happen a lot. <shakes it off and peers down the road > It means trouble is coming this way.

In less time than it takes to explain a mailbox comes hurling towards Gea and it stops mere millimeters from her face. The scene pulls back and we see Pretz holding it from one side and still looking down the road. Gea whimpers and Pretz lets it drop.

Pretz: I see the problem now.

Down the street, where people are running, a huge whirlwind of papers blow in. The whirlwind slowly starts to shrink and slow down almost as if it is gaining mass. All the flying pages take form into a female tiger, looking almost like a twisted piñata walking about. Then people run as a storm of razor blades come raining down. Then the sound, like great wing flapping is heard as a shadow comes down from the sky. Hovering above everyone is a harpy looking creature, her wings and talons look like metal blades. She shrieks causing windows on buildings and cars to explode. The people flee in terror as now glass rains down on them.

Gea: Scissorwing and Paper Tigress, should have known. <glares>

Pretz: That’s not all. <eyes narrow> I see a familiar face.

The ground shakes, causing Gea to bop up and down every time it does. Pretz glares more intently and clenches her fist. Then a large mass comes into view, it almost seems like a large boulder lumbering down the street. As it comes closer it looks like a huge lobster, but almost resembles a small mountain.

Pretz: Rock Lobster. < her words seemingly with anger. >

Gea: Yup, it’s the Janken Three alright. Well I guess this looks like a job for.. < Gea is about to run off when Pretz grabs her arm stopping her in her tracks >

Pretz: Gea I… < sees Gea still trying to run as if oblivious Pretz has her .  She then sprints at full speed as Pretz rolls her eyes. > GEA!!!

Gea: < Pretz lets go and she falls > OW!!

Pretz: Gea, I wish to accompany you. < turns slowly and glares at Rock Lobster > I owe our friend there for our last encounter.

Gea: < start taking off her tie > Pretz you can’t. You’re a guest , if you caused ANY troubleor damage it would put muffin in a rather unpleasant situation. People are looking for any excuse for anything to pin on him. You’ve seen how they talk about him.

Pretz: <sighs> Yes I know, and I do not wish to cause any trouble for you or him. But….

Gea smiles and pats Pretz on the arm. Then she thinks for a bit and a huge smile comes over her face.  Pretz shrinks back a bit.

Pretz: You have an idea don’t you?

Gea: Well “you know who” was gonna deal with them. However, if another “you know who” came along instead and had help from yet another “ you know who” and…..

Pretz: <covers her mouth> Gea, your making no sense!!

Gea: < pulls Pretz’s hand away from her mouth>  Kajagoogoo and Lickitysplit!

Pretz looks at her rather confused, then her eyes open wide as she finally understands. She nods as Gea smiles and nods back. They both dash off, well Pretz does as Gea comes back and eats the rest of Pretz’s deep dish pizza then bolts off again.

Gea: This way. <grabs Pretz and leads her down an ally> There’s a very private phone booth no one uses anymore. It’s not even connected but it still serves it purpose.  I think people forgot about it. I think it was from when that pub was there and…

Pretz:  Please don’t tell me you know where every phone booth is in the city.

Gea: Helps me in my line of business. Here we go!!

The girls stop in front of a phone booth, in the back alley of what appears to have once been a pub. Both girls look at each other and nod. Then Pretz and Gea cram into the booth and the door shuts. Suddenly Gea tumbles out with her shirt over her head. She pulls it back down as Pretz looks down at her.

Pretz: <closes her eyes blushing a bit. Then turns her nose up at her > One at a time please!! < she shuts the booth door and pulls the shade down. >

Gea pulls her shirt back down and looks at the booth and shrugs. She looks around and sees no one. She then twirls around and becomes a small vortex of pink energy. Lightning bolts of energy swirl around as the vortex grows bigger and a huge burst of light explodes from it’s core. Then Gea starts slowly down and we see her crackling bolts of energy coming off her body. Gea is now in a sleek purple and teal costume. She stretches and then makes a face and she adjust it in the back.

Lickitysplit: Ugh!! Suits riding up.  <tugs at it> This USED to fit.

Behind her, the phone booth is rocking back and forth, shaking and jumping like it was alive. Then after a slight spin it stops and the door flies open. Pretz exits from it in her costume and makes a face as she sees Lickitysplit tugging her suit out of her backside.

Kajagoogoo: Ahem!!

Lickitysplit: < sees her looking at her rolling, her eyes. She stops and blushes> Um.. just making some last minute adjustments.

Kajagoogoo: Well you DID eat that entire pizza yourself. You know what they say, “A moment in the gut.. a lifetime on you… um well… <walks off> you get the idea.

Lickitysplit: I thought it was, “ a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” ? <follows>

Kajagoogoo: Trust me, my hips and lips are the least of my problems. <picks up her pace a little red faced >

To Be Continued....



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