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November 22, 2007
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Union Jane colored by MadMontyZuma Union Jane colored by MadMontyZuma
Here we have Union Jane. She is the younger sister of Feline Funky. Much how Monguse gets a hard time from his older sister, Janice did too. Always hearing about how great her older sister was and always getting grief whenever she tried to step out of her sister's shadow she was always shot down. She's taken the entrance exam many times and has passed but Funky has always denied her the chance to join for her safety. Fed up, she broke into her father lab and stole her father's invention an instrument that would allow any person to use Harmony Synch without being born with the ability like Funky. She changed her name and went off to become a freelance agent. Monguse tracked her down and offered her a chance to join Temporal Police as part of Project Light. Jane was a classmate of Monguse and didn't think much of him growing up. Now she's seen a huge change in him, not to mention he's giving her the chance her sister never let her have, and has become a tad smitten with him. Jane's Synchro-Axe gives her the ability to tap into Ambient energy to use as a weapon and to heal others. Jane usually butts heads with Ariel<who also has a crush on Monguse> over leadership issues in Team Omega. Ironicly enough she has great leadership abilities as well as being very good with coming up with great strategies and coming up with them on the fly. She strives to be the best to impress Mongsue and to rub in her sister's face how wrong she was.

Union Jane (c) Miguel Tigre
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Still love this character, man...

I wonder why you don't often draw your other characters so much? I mean no offense, but I was just wondering that.
kittykoolkatz Nov 19, 2008  Student Filmographer
dudette!! ROCK ON!! :headbang:
Machu Jun 5, 2008  Professional Filmographer
I love the design, especially the cool boots. The position of her right arm looks good, like she's just strummed the guitar. Her punk look is cool too :)
Many thanks!! I do my best and pride myself on designing characters so they each have their own flare to them.
CCgonzo12 Jan 29, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rock the house! :w00t: :star: B-)
CCgonzo12 Jan 30, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your welcome :highfive: :star:
Genesis-Orbit Jan 29, 2008  Professional Photographer
Got to love the British flag shirt lol.
I love it! it's soo....uh, britishish...ish...I love it!
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